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10 - Wilhelmine´s Resting Place

A resting place named after the wife of Heinrich Mattoni – Wilhelmine – Wilhelmine’s Seat (Wilhelminen-sitz) was built on a rock promontory to the south of the pavilion of Otto’s Spring. Wilhelmine von Mattoni (1838–1919) was the daughter of Karlovy Vary Burgomaster Jan Petr Knoll. Her marriage with Heinrich Mattoni produced eight children (though only six of them would live to see their adulthood): Helena Maria Theresia (b.1858), Rosa Wilhelmina Catharina (b.1859), Leo Friedrich Karl (b.1862), Maria Juliana (b.1864), Theresia Anna (b.1866), Camilla Emilia (b.1869), Amalia Anna (b.1872) and Heinrich Johann Peter (b.1874).

The seating on this site was originally covered by a gazebo, with a roof in the shape of an umbrella which we know from nearby Karlovy Vary (Czech Seat, Vienna Seat), Mariánské Lázně (Abbot Alfred Clementso’s resting place) and from other European spa towns. To date, only a bricked circular landing with an opening for planting the post of the roof has survived. This was originally covered with a thatched roof, and seating was created around the post. The vantage point was delimited on the stone retaining wall by a wooden railing, probably in the form of saltire crosses. A view of the centre of the spa resort with the spa promenade in front of the grand colonnade opened up from the vantage point at Wilhelmine’s resting place.

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