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14 - The Elisabeth vista point

A small gazebo, originally named the Elisabeth’s Height (Elisabetha’s Höhe), had already been built on a high rock promontory directly above a bend of the Ohře (Eger) River in the 1840s. The place was later renamed the Thurn and Taxis Height (Thurn-Taxis Höhe) and, in 1900, Elisabeth-Höhe again.

The elevation with a lookout was named after Princess Elisabeth Marie of Thurn and Taxis, from a branched and famous European dynasty originating from Italy, which left its indelible mark on Czech history on a number of occasions. Princess Elisabeth Marie (1860–1881) was the daughter of Maximilian Anton Lamoral, Hereditary Prince of Thurn and Taxis, and his wife, Duchess Helene in Bavaria, a sister of Empress Elisabeth (Sisi). The Thurn and Taxis family were one of the richest dynasties in the monarchy (they had a monopoly on post). In 1877, Princess Elisabeth Marie married Miguel of Braganza, the oldest son of King Miguel I of Portugal, who was living in exile in Bavaria. Elisabeth died at a mere twenty years of age after giving birth to her third child.

The small gazebo, which offered a view of both the southern and northern parts of the Kyselka Spa, was built with a rectangular ground plan. The hip roof covered with thatches was romantically supported by nothing but rough gnarled trunks with props made from twisted branches. The railing was also made from warped branches.

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