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2 - Cinema/Drinking Hall

A spa complex was originally situated near the place where the Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph springs rise in the valley of the Lomnický brook, on the site of one of the current bottling plants of Karlovarské minerální vody (Karlovy Vary Mineral Water). Between 1879 and 1880, a Hydrotherapy Institute was built by the access path and a half-timbered pavilion was erected near the Empress Elisabeth spring. In the period from 1887 to 1888, the small pavilion (moved towards the Grand Colonnade to serve as a Theatre Hall) was replaced by a new large Drinking Hall, built based on plans from the famous Ferdinand Fellner & Hermann Helmer architectural studio in Vienna. The single-storey building, using forms taken from romantic Swiss architecture, consisted of a half-timbered structure completed with covered verandas. It was originally topped with a large pavilion superstructure with a dome and two further small spires in the corners. The facades were decorated with mural paintings, while wood carvings carried symbolic motifs of the sun, life and health. An inhalatorium and the Franz Joseph Spring bottling plant also stood in the forest nook.  

When the springs were newly tapped in 1907, the original Drinking Hall was moved to its current location in the middle of the park on the so-called peninsula and the area around it was converted into a Rose Garden. Two porcelain vases, one of which is today located in the building of the municipal authority after having been restored, used to stand in front of the entrance to the hall. The original Drinking Hall is currently used as the village cinema possessing unique period technology.

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