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4 - The Heinrich Mattoni Statue

The promenade along the Ohře (Eger) River led to the centre of the spa resort, where a bust of Dr Löschner by sculptor Thomas Seidan from Prague was located under the imposing treetops next to the Spa Restaurant (Lázeňská restaurace). It was later moved into the  Löschner’s Spring bottling plant and eventually into a niche of the Henry’s Court (Jindřichův dvůr) tower. A Heinrich Mattoni monument created by Viennese sculptor, professor Edmund von Hellmer was unveiled on the site of the Löschner monument in April 1914. In 2005 the bronze sculpture was placed in a depository and in 2013 was replaced by a replica created by academic sculptress Veronika Psotková.

Heinrich Kaspar von Mattoni (11 August 1830 – 14 May 1910) was an imperial administrator, entrepreneur and trader in mineral water from Karlovy Vary. He was descended from an old Italian mercantile family from Tremezzo in the Province of Milan, whose ancestor Octavio Mattoni had founded the Czech branch of the family in Karlovy Vary in 1697. After returning to Karlovy Vary, Heinrich Mattoni rented the dispatch office of Karlovy Vary mineral water in 1856. There he would marry the daughter of burgomaster Jan Petr Knoll, Wilhelmine (1838–1919), on 19 April 1858. In 1867 he rented the dispatch office of water from Otto’s Spring in Kyselka together with his brother-in-law Fritz Knoll. Mattoni then purchased the entire Kysibl manor in 1873. Thanks to his achievements and the quality of his products he was appointed “Imperial & Royal Court Supplier of Mineral Water” in 1870 and was ennobled on 27 October 1889. Using the money he had earned from the sale of mineral water, he financed the construction of baths in his beloved Kyselka.

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