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Mattoni Trail

The educational nature trail provides visitors with information about the history of Kyselka and about the buildings of the former spa, which are gradually undergoing restoration.

For the most part, the educational nature trail runs along the original promenade paths from the ancient times of Heinrich Mattoni, when they were widely used by tourists and are still accessible nowadays. Along the path, the trail points out the almost extinct rest areas, lookouts, parks, gazebos and provides detailed information about the adjacent buildings.

""Recall the famous era of this location and learn about the ongoing restoration of the spa buildings. Enjoy your stay in the picturesque part of the Ohře Valley".

On behalf of all the founders of the trail, Aleš Labík, the Mayor of Kyselka, invites you to visit the trail.

Let yourself be surprised

There is a comics strip with a fascinating story on the large information boards, where the main characters are elves. Skalky skřítků (Elves Rocks) are not only located near the trail but the famous elves were also the symbol of some type of protectors of the Kyselka springs.