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11 - Henry´s Seat

A resting place called Henry’s Seat (Heinrich-sitz), named after the very owner and builder of the spa in Kyselka, Heinrich Mattoni, was adapted on the slope above the Otto’s Spring pavilion. A wooden gazebo was built in the romantic Swiss architecture style there in around 1880. It was an open, walk-through gazebo. The central polygonal section was contiguous to two rectangular entrance buttresses opposite to one another in the direction of the route and a buttress with a vantage point above the slope. The wooden structure was enhanced, as in the case of the other gazebos and small pavilions, featuring decorative carpentry elements in the gables of the individual buttresses with ornately carved mouldings and a handrail. Only the stone ground wall, the foundation attesting to the ground plan of the gazebo and, thanks to hollows for the installation of the posts, also to its shape and structure, has survived up to the present. The vantage point principally offered a view of the opposite bank with the villa quarter and spa park as well as a view of the Mattoni Villa in the southwest and the spa complex with the Hydrotherapy Institute in the north near the point where the Lomnický brook empties into the Ohře (Eger) River.

kolem 1900kolem 1900-detailKyselka -Franz-Josef - kolem 1880, přenesený na Heinrichsitz