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6 - Mattoni Villa

A manor spa house, the Mansion (Zámeček), was originally built on the site of the Mattoni Villa, most likely in 1829. It was a three-storey building with a rectangular ground plan, covered by a hip roof. After having acquired both the springs and spa, Heinrich Mattoni also adapted the Mansion. A prismatic tower with a mansard roof was added to the southwest gable in the period from 1881 to 1883. Between 1885 and 1886, Heinrich Mattoni radically redeveloped the building, apparently based on a design from the Fellner & Helmer studio. The mass of the original Mansion was preserved including the overall interior layout, and it was widely extended with annexes on the north-western side towards the river and towards the northern gable. Its appearance in the classical Italian Renaissance Revival style lent a majestic ceremonial character to the edifice. The Italian-like character of the building was further accentuated by an asymmetrically mounted polygonal staircase tower, completed in 1892 based on a design by architect Karel Haybäck. From that time on, the building was called the “Mattoni Mansion” (“Mattonische schloss”). The adjoining area to the west of the villa was adapted using a natural landscaping approach with accents romantically envisaged in the form of dramatic rocky outcrops and massive Cyclopean ripraps. A large fountain in the style of Vřídlo in Karlovy Vary, which was visible from a distance, was also built in the centre of the park. In 1929, the building was converted into the Zámecký Hotel (“Schlosshotel”).

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