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15 - Chapel of St. Anne

A large cross sanctifying the springs rising in the valley below it had already been erected on the highest rocky promontory high above a bend of the Ohře (Eger) River at the beginning of construction of the Kyselka Spa. For that reason, the rocky elevation was given the name Cross Hill (Kreuzberg). The Chapel of St. Anne was eventually built on this sacred place in 1884. The construction was financed by Countess Anna Nostitz-Rieneck in gratitude for her recovery at the local springs. The creator of the design for the Neo-Romanesque style construction is unknown, however the nature of the architecture with its polished features and details attests to a high-quality designer. The chapel presbytery, opening into the nave through a profiled triumphal arch, is vaulted by a ribbed “melon” vault. The interior furnishings originally consisted of an altar with a statue of St Anne with the Virgin Mary. The construction was carried out under the patronage of the owner of the local spa, Heinrich Mattoni. Later, he would often visit the chapel and pray every day for the recovery of his sick daughter Kamila, who was suffering from tuberculosis. During the second half of the 20th century however, the interior of the chapel was ravaged considerably, and the interior furnishings were stolen and destroyed.

The height offers a unique view of the entire town of Kyselka. Looking to the left, you can see the operating and spa buildings, to the right you can see the modern bottling plant of Karlovy Vary mineral water, whilst on the opposite bank of the river are the villas with the Rose Garden and the Drinking Hall, which has been moved there and which is today used as the Municipal Cinema.

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